Term Limits or Age Limits in “Refreshing the board”???

NYSE Euronext Scott Cutler and Corporate Board Member TK Kerstetter discuss term limits, age limits, refreshing the board, creating turnover, and board evaluations.  Excellent insights.  As corporate board members we all need to remember that we need to always put the best interest of the company first and we should ask ourselves regularly if we are the best person to fill that seat on the board.  In every role there’s a time where we each excel and also a time where someone else would be better.  I think we all hope that we’ll be the first to recognize that it’s time for someone else who has a better skill set to fill our seat and it’s our responsibility to always be thinking about that.  I’ve been privileged to work with people of the highest integrity who have informed the board that their value had diminished as circumstances changed and someone who added more relevant value to the current environment needs to replace them.  That’s a true board member.


About hopsuz

Experienced leader, both as CEO and as board Chair. Founder of the 25 year old The Hopgood Group, LLC. Co-author of the award winning "Board Leadership for the Company in Crisis". Consultant to companies large and small. Expertise in board evaluations and leadership challenges.
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