“We just want guys like ourselves sitting across the table”

Thank you, TK Kerstetter (TK’s Holiday Boardroom Gift List) for a thoughtful list of gifts for Lead Directors, Compensation Committee Chairs, Qualified diverse board candidates, Investors, Congress, and Public Company Directors. Not surprisingly, I particularly like TK’s comments about Qualified diverse board candidates: “I’d like to gift this group a jackhammer. I’m really frustrated when I hear that there are no qualified diverse candidates to recruit to their company’s board. I’d rather someone just come out and say, “We just want guys like ourselves sitting across the table.” That’s at least being honest. The jackhammer will allow qualified diverse individuals to, once and for all, break through this concrete ceiling and by doing so, open the door for some amazing board candidates (who also happen not to be sitting or retired CEOs). By the way, I’m actually talking about diversity of thought when I say diverse candidate but that can’t help but include gender and ethnicity as well.”


About hopsuz

Experienced leader, both as CEO and as board Chair. Founder of the 25 year old The Hopgood Group, LLC. Co-author of the award winning "Board Leadership for the Company in Crisis". Consultant to companies large and small. Expertise in board evaluations and leadership challenges.
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